Friday, 9 February 2018

Hunted Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

There are five fugitives left who need to escape capture for another 6 days.  Will any of them be able to evade the Hunters?

Last episode ended on Majid, the Deputy Mayor of Sheffield, being pursued by the Hunters after a bolshy return to Sheffield.  Being driven by an accomplice, he desperately tries to escape into the Peak District.  However, his getaway driver takes a wrong turn and Majid makes a break for it, running through the countryside.  But it doesn't take long before the Hunters catch him.

From here we go to father and son team, Bob and Alex Ayling.  Last episode, after 18 days on the run, the two decided to split up, to double their chances.  Bob is still in his home county of Kent and is clearly suffering from the stress of being on the run.  His poor physical condition is only exemplified from his lack of sleep and food.  We begin to see a defeated man.

But we also a man utterly dedicated to his son.  He wants nothing more than for Alex to win the show, even if he doesn't.

Hiding in Pluckley, Kent, Bob begins to make mistakes, such as walking in full view of a CCTV camera, which strangely isn't even mentioned by the Hunters.  Becoming intensely paranoid, he hitches a lift with a delivery driver who offers to drive him to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in a couple of days.

Yet Bob's paranoia grows so much that eh calls the delivery driver on a burner phone to see if he can get an earlier lift to safety.  But he runs out of luck.  And to make matters worse, the Hunters have tracked the call, showing that even burner phones aren't safe.  They then decide to target the delivery driver who helped him, who reveals everything, including, most notably, that Alex and Bob have separated.

Although Bob remains uncaught, I'm unsure whether he'll make the full 25 days.  He may give up long before then.

Now we move onto his son, Alex.  At 2 years old, Alex was diagnosed with Asperger's, which has left him shy, awkward and insular.  In Sandhurst, Kent, he becomes badly lost, as he tries to navigate his way to Hastings to meet his mother, Lynne.

The Hunters also identify their close relationship and decide to focus their efforts onto Lynne.  While they question her in the Hunter HQ, a covert team installs cameras in and around her home.  Later, the cameras spot a seemingly strange woman leaving Lynne's home and entering a seemingly strange car.

The audience discovers that this is Lynne in disguise who is able to rendeyvous with Alex and give him supplies and a much-needed confidence boost.

Meanwhile, the Hunters have identified that the car belongs to one of Lynne's friends, Tracy Gough.  The Hunters interview her and halfway through, bizarrely, her husband talks about a previously unknown sim card.  I initially wondered whether this was a trap of some kind, but I'm wondering whether this was just a monumental cock-up.

Alex is still in Kent and he bravely asks help from a stranger who puts him up for the night.  Alex is overjoyed that he had the confidence to do this and I was too.  He speaks openly about how he was bullied, because of his Asperger's, and so it was great to see him develop like this.

Lastly, we came to best friends, milk men and singers, Joe and Dan, who hitherto haven't been on anybody's radar, least of all the Hunters'.  The show hasn't been focussing much on them, so it was a surprise to learn they were hiding in North Wales.

But having become increasingly homesick, they decide to return home to Preston, Lancashire.  Suspecting this could happen, the Hunters interview Dan's wife and install spyware on his computer.  While doing so, they discover Dan has pre-recorded 25 bedtime story videos for his kids.  Deciding to exploit this, the Hunters make a crude parody in order to provoke Dan and Joke into making a mistake.

Meanwhile, Joe and Dan are being harboured by their friend in the Eaves Pub.  They see the Hunters' video and immediately begin plotting revenge.

They decide to perform a gig within the Eaves' pub and live-stream it on Facebook.  They dedicate one song to the leader of the Hunters and rewrite the lyrics to mock them.  And when they Hunters go to investigate, the pair plan to be long gone.  This is a foolhardy move, which could prove to be their downfall.

When the Hunters see this, they're in disbelief at the recklessness and send a ground team to the pub.  The episode ends with the team only being 200 metres away.  Will Joe and Dan be caught? We need to wait until next week to find out.

Top tips for going on the run:

1. Don't use burner phones.  Anything with an electrical signal can be tracked.

2. Don't give up.  You'll make silly mistakes, which could cost you dearly.

3. Don't become provoked by the Hunters.  Joe and Dan could soon be out of the game.

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